Bamito School Badminton

The new comprehensieve concept at school!

Bamito’s school program is the new school program by Badminton Netherlands for children in primary school. The main goal of the Bamito school program is to provide a positive movement experience and sustainable sports stimulation with badminton as the means.

Fun is the key element as children are introduced to training their motor skills and concentration. It’s no secret that sports, in general, can contribute to increasing self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, social behavior, and lead to a positive self-image. By using different kinds of materials, adjusted court dimensions, cooperative exercises, practice cards, and diplomas, the sense of achievement is enhanced, making the lessons a fun experience . The Bamito school program encompasses everything a teacher in primary education needs for purposeful and successful physical education!

Indoor and outdoor

The Bamito school program has no limitations and can be used throughout the year. Due to the diversity of lesson cards, it can cater to every need. The lessons are designed to be carried out in any environment. You can conduct your class in any gymnasium, but when temperatures rise, it’s wonderful to engage in outdoor sports. With the introduction of the AirShuttle, (Air)Badminton can be played outside without worries. The AirShuttle has been developed in recent years by the BWF (Badminton World Federation) and is more resistant to wind and rain. Lines can be easily created with ribbons, tape, or sidewalk chalk.

During class or breaks

Why stop when the lesson is over? Challenge your students to use their break time for a game on the playground. It’s even possible to start an internal school competition using the Woosh! App. Based on a leaderboard, children can challenge each other in the pursuit of the top spot.

Concept components

The Bamito school program is a complete program. Here is an overview of the various components:

  • Teacher’s manual with written lessons and background information
  • Practice cards
  • Equipment package
  • Gadgets
  • Diplomas
  • Competition format
Practice cards

It’s possible to structure the lessons using practical practice cards with a child-friendly layout. The practice cards provide the physical education teacher with the opportunity to differentiate in the gymnasium and on the field. There is an exercise available for every skill level, and throughout the lessons, the teacher can focus on each child’s personal growth by accelerating, slowing down, or deepening the exercises.


When a class completes the program of the Bamito school program, they receive a diploma. These diplomas feature QR codes with information about affiliated clubs and fun exercises to do on their own.

Equipment packages

A wide range of equipment packages can be purchased from our webshop. Individual components are also available for purchase. If you need advice on an equipment package, please contact us.

Bamito school competition

After an intensive series of lessons, it’s exciting to test all the new skills in practice. That’s why Badminton Netherlands has included a framework for a school competition in the equipment package.


 Do you want to start with Bamito or would you like more advice or information? Leave your e-mail address and we will contact you.

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