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Table tennis tables, slides, swings, or goalposts for a game of football can be found everywhere in the Netherlands. However, a net for playing badminton is missing from the streetscape. That has now changed. Soon, it will be possible to have an AirBadminton net in your neighborhood. The Let’s Play Net is specially developed for use at school, in the neighborhood, in the park, or at the beach. How cool would it be if badminton could be played on every school playground or in every neighborhood!


Nijha and Badminton Netherlands have developed this metal net out of their passion for the sport and to encourage more children and adults to engage in outdoor activities. Together, we aim to set up the Let’s Play Net in as many places as possible throughout the Netherlands so that AirBadminton can be played outdoors everywhere.

There’s more!

The Let’s Play Net features QR codes. With a simple click on your mobile device, you enter the world of AirBadminton: what is AirBadminton, how to play it, as well as information about events and tournaments, and where to buy equipment to play AirBadminton. You can also register the games you play and challenge others. Will you become the boss of the neighborhood/school playground?

Learn to play badminton?

On this net, you can also find information on where to learn to play badminton in your area. Anyone who scans the QR code will easily see the location of the nearest badminton club.


Not in the mood for badminton? No problem! It’s also great fun to play a game of volleyball, footvolley, or tennis.

Benefits LET’S PLAY NET:

  • Compact net installation for playing AirBadminton, footvolley, pickleball, or tennis
  • Cool appearance, fits perfectly in the neighborhood, at the sports court, at the club, or on the school playground
  • Ideal for getting acquainted with net games but also for challenging each other to a match
  • You can register your own matches via the QR code on the net
  • Sturdy construction designed for frequent and intensive use in public spaces
  • No specific surface requirements; can be used on grass, tiles, or artificial turf


  • Playability for people with disabilities:         Yes 
  • Dimensions (in cm):                                         300 x 149
  • Dimensions (width x height):                         300 cm x 149 cm


  • € 1,699 excluding VAT, excluding foundation, excluding installation costs
  • € 1,852 excluding VAT, including foundation, excluding installation costs

For current prices, visit www.nijha.nl/letsplay

Interested in a Let's Play Net too?!!

If you want to learn more about the Let’s Play Net, please leave your email address here, and we will contact you. Click the button below to place your order directly with Nijha.

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